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Jaspers, Opalite, Freswater Pearls, Chalcedony, Rough

Michael G. Hammell is a (GIA) Graduate Gemologist and Accredited Jewelry Professional.   Buy with confidence from a true gemstone professional.

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    Crystals, Collectable mineral (155)                                                                                          

    FOSSILS--ALL (108)                                                                                                     Rough-EMERALD CRYSTAL-tumbled specimen,35x25x17mm(3pc)240.97ct,BE-B58I

    Ammonite,ammolite (46)                        amber (2)                   

    Coral, Sea critters (23)                           Dinosaur bone, Poop (5)                                    EMERALD-oval,10.9X7.8x3.8mm(9) 2.19ct,BE-A30,cut from natural crystal rough

    Fish,bones,teeth,other (1)                        Fulgurites-Petrified lightning (3)                          Green Beryl - Crystal specimen, Facet/Cab,45.59ct,29x19x14mm,BE-B57B,natura

    Orthoceras,Squid,Clam (19)                    Petrified wood (4)                                        

    Septarian gronates (6)                            Turtella (4)                                                      AAQUAMARINE BLUE- Rough(1pc)29x20x16mm,69.95cttw,AQ-A01,earth grown

    Bivalve,Braciopods,oyster,urchin (5)         Trillobyte (13)                                               

    ROUGH, Uncut, Facet, Cabbing (92)        Shiva,Lingham Stone (5)li-a11                               Rose Gypsum specimen,219.7ct,71x34x27mm,GY-A06,natural crystal rough

    JEWELRY,Watches,collectables (30) ALL       bracelets (9)                                       Quartz--with chlorite crystal specimen,15.49ct(1)42x31x11mm,3-4mm,QU-B93

    carvings,molds,amulets (33)                       earrings (2)                                                                   Quartz,green flower carving, Brazil, 37x36x3mm, 23.05ct,QU-B48

    necklace (1)                                                pendants (8)                                                                 QUARTZ-rough blue,Green-pink,specimen(5pc)800.87ct,5.65oz,QU-B73D

    rings (2)                                                     watches (1)                                                                   Petrified Wood Fossil,306.5ct. 45x38x31mm,(1pc)FOS-A51reddish brown

    AGATE, Jasper (42)                                  Nambian Fire Agate (6)                                                 Dumortierite in Quartz, 77.96ct, .55oz(1)42x22x15mm,DU-A03B

    AMETHYST, CITRINE, QUARTZ (64) ALL          Amethyst (11)                            Citrine-crystal-cluster-specimen,CI-B92,60x59x35mm,375.63ct,2.65oz

    Ametrine (1)                                              Citrine (16)                                      Click on ORANGE links for Catagories or Stone Types --Click on Photos to ENLARGE them.

    Clear(White, Diamond) (4)                        Tanzurine (3)                                                                Blue-Sapphire Kyanite,(2)37x15x7m,78.47ct,KY-A48K,natural crysta

    Mystic,Cloudy,Aventurine (5)                   Rutilated (18)                                                           

    Rose, Smoky (5)                                                                                                                                              Quartz-Strawberry Rutile Facet-Rough-Specimen,195.2ct(1)QU-C04,45x40x12mm

    Apatite (4)                                                Aquamarine (8)                                                             Amazonite-blue-green,tumbled specimen,40x17x8(5pc)162.18ct,AMZ-A07A,earth grown

    Aragonite (5)                                            Astrophylite (1)                                                             Quartz crystal-cluster-geode-druzy-specimen,QU-C09,93x73x55mm,921.36ct,6.50oz

    Azureite, Azure-malachite (8)                                                                                                                          Amethyst, pink-round lot(10pc)6x6x4mm,8.75ct tw,AM-B77,cut natural crystal

    Beads, Cabochons (65)                             Barite,Baryte (3)                                                            QUARTZ-specimen on matrix,127.57ct,QU-B92(1)74x56x8mm,double terminated

    BERYL (3)-ALL--Aquamarine (2)Emerald (7)Golden-Heliodor (1)Morganite (2)                              Quartz crystal-cluster-specimen-terminated,QU-C16,114x72x55mm,744.18ct,5.25oz

    Bizmuth(3)                                        ODD,WEIRD,MISC-STUFF (35)                                            GEMS,  Calcedony-Pyrite           Quartz-Zircon 

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